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Astrology as a science has existed since time immemorial. The earliest of ancient cultures worshiped the cosmic realm and celestial bodies as divine entities. They studied the path of planets and the patterns of stars to guide them in life and help them make decisions about the future.

Today, the study of astrology can be similarly defined. Astrology is a metaphysical science, which means it studies what is beyond the physical. It analyzes the relationship between the positions of the planets and other astronomical bodies with the occurrences on earth. The basic study of astrology is grounded in ancient theories and revelations. It involves the application of science and knowledge of the natural arts to observe how the life, character and destiny of a person are affected by positions of the Sun, Moon and planets.  This is further determined by the position of the celestial bodies during the birth of a person, which astrologers believe has a more a direct influence on one’s personality than anything else.

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What is a Horoscope?

The study of astrology enables astrologers to draw a horoscope for every zodiac sign. Horoscopes are basically astrological charts that are designed after studying the time, date, and place of birth of a person along with taking into consideration the zodiac sign of the individual. Mostly horoscope charts are drawn on a circular wheel, and use symbols to illustrate signs, movements of celestial objects and position of planets in different houses, and geometric patterns to represent their connections with each other, which are called aspects.

These charts once prepared can be read by astrologers to provide information about incidents in the lives of human beings and their personalities. Astrologers also perform horoscope matching to determine readings regarding romantic relationships of people.

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