Sagittarius Men and Cancer Women

A Sagittarius and Cancer hardly ever find themselves attracted to one another. While he thrives off change, she prefers stability and more emotional security than he is typically able to provide. This can make trust difficult, but if it can be reached, each one can help the other learn, change, and grow as a person. Still, can this lead to lasting romantic bliss?

Cancer Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius men are known for their ability to make even the most intense situation light and fun. While this can help the Cancer woman feel more at ease with her partner, a lack of depth may also drive her away. He falls in love fast and with all of his heart, while she takes a bit more time to feel comfortable with a person before giving hers away. This can often lead to uncertainty in early courtship. He values surprise and change while she craves deep connections and security. They do each have a passion for knowledge, which extends to learning all they can about their romantic partner, how their mind works, and what their interests and preferences are. Both are logical, passionate about their interests, and care deeply for those that matter most.

Possible Conflicts

Unless good communication happens, there are numerous potential conflicts that can arise. The Sagittarius man can be impatient, especially in the early phases of a relationship, which can quickly lead to conflict. Her inability to instantly trust may also lead to disinterest in someone so eager to jump into a long-term committed relationship early on. Jealousy is another potential conflict that may arise, especially on Cancer’s part. She may not understand that her partner is not sincerely flirting, but instead has a compulsive need to impress and win favor.

Making it Work

Despite their differences, there is a chance that this pairing can work. The Cancer woman needs to let go of her strict control on things and learn to go with the flow a bit more. For his part, the Sagittarius man needs to learn a bit more about discipline and must understand scared she may feel stepping outside of her comfort zone. This type of understanding is best reached through communication, so it is helpful for them to find common ground and deal with issues from there. For example, if there is a fight about sexual boundaries or what to do on Saturday night, starting from a place of love and mutual respect can help ensure the ensuing conversation goes well.

These two signs are not often attracted to each other, or if they are, relationships tend to fizzle fast. However, this does not mean that it cannot work. Focusing on shared values, communication, and working on trust and intimacy can lead to a lifetime of happiness for each party. In an ideal relationship, Cancer can help her partner explore his introspective side while Sagittarius can give his partner a chance to expand her horizons.

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