12 Signs Sagittarius Man in Love

The Sagittarius man is known for his cheerful, outgoing attitude. He is always up for an adventure, whether it be downhill skiing in the Alps, hunting in the woods of North America, or participating in a whirlwind romance. While they are interested in traditionally masculine activities, like sports and the great outdoors, they also have a softer side to them. Men who are somewhat nomadic, who crave life outside of societal norms, and who want to do their part to help preserve nature for future generations are typically born under this sign.


Love and Sex

As a fire sign, Sagittarius men are known for their passion and exuberance for life, making it easy to be attracted to them. However, approach with caution, as many men born under this sign are all about the chase. Represented by the Archer, the Sagittarius man who is the focus of your affections lives for the hunt but may not be mature enough to enjoy the catch. These men are known to chase the same woman for years, maybe even obsessing over “the one who got away.” However, once they finally attain their fantasy woman, they may no longer desire her.

Of course, this fiery disposition and passion for the chase makes the Sagittarius man a generous and passionate lover. He does enjoy the connection he shares with his partners, even if he isn’t mature enough to see it through to an actual relationship. For those who aren’t looking for anything long-term and are craving a partner who is eager to give them the attention they want, the Sagittarius man is perfect.

As the Archer matures, he does start to appreciate the end result of the “hunt” a lot more. Sagittarius men can be fiercely loyal under the right circumstances and to the right person. Making love work typically involves finding the Sagittarius man at the right time in his life, when he is eager for love and starting to grow tired of the constant chase.

Home and Family Life

A single Sagittarius man’s home is typically nothing more than a place to temporarily rest between adventures. It is usually sparsely decorated, containing only the bare minimum he needs to survive. While he does have expensive tastes, you are probably not going to see much more than a couch, television, computer, and a place to lay his head every so often. Sagittarius men are known for getting cabin fever incredibly fast – even in the summer! As a result, his preferred living arrangement is a bright space in a quiet area with easy access to the outdoors.

While his house is not going to be littered with knick-knacks or other pointless objects, he may have a decent collection of books, outdoor gear, and sporting equipment. Everything he buys is of the highest quality, both for status and also to ensure these things last a long time. He does not enjoy excess waste and finds it pointless to buy cheap products only to be forced to replace them when they inevitably fail.

While the Sagittarius man loves his routine, he is very resistant to rules and responsibilities forced on him by others. When he lives alone, he may be happy to cook every night and clean for the first three hours he is awake every Saturday morning, for example. However, if you try to force this kind of schedule on your Sagittarius partner or roommate, he may resent you for it. It’s best to let him work out his own routine. Everything is still going to get done because he hates living in a mess, it just may get done slightly differently than you had asked.

When it comes to fatherhood, the Sagittarius man may have conflicting views. On the one hand, being a parent means he has to be tied down, at least temporarily, which is something he may still fear. On the other hand, however, fatherhood means connecting with a younger generation, teaching them all about nature and sharing your own experiences. If you are in love with a Sag man, you may need to wait until well after he has settled down with you before bringing up children.

Career and Finances

Sagittarius men value truth, knowledge, and adventure in their careers as well as in their personal lives. Finding a job that can support his need to travel with his passion for uncovering the truth is the pursuit of every Sagittarius. Journalism is the perfect career for men born under this sign who also have a flair for words. Any job where he can work outside, with animals, or with his hands is perfect. Sag men hate being cooped up, so he probably avoids office work as much as possible.

Men born under this sign have an urge to be a hero, in any respect, so they may also seek out careers in the legal system. Police officers and lawyers are often born under this sign, as those jobs combine his natural passion with his desire for justice.

If the Sag man in your life does have to work in an office or has another job unrelated to his passions, you can expect him to spend his weekends immersed in hobbies. They do understand the value of a paycheck, but they also need time to explore their adventurous side, or they are going to be miserable. He may spend the entire weekend camping or hunting, spending some much-needed time to reconnect with nature.

When it comes to finances, Sagittarius men do run into a bit of trouble. Whenever they make a purchase, they spend time researching products to be sure they get the very best. Unfortunately, the very best typically comes with a steep price tag. These men are also known to be gamblers. While he doesn’t gamble so much to put himself in financial jeopardy, he may have to eat lean for a few days between his visit to the casino and his next pay.

Gift Guide

Buying gifts for your Sagittarius man can be extremely difficult. It seems that he buys himself everything he wants, leaving very few gift ideas for others in his life. When special occasions approach, he may even go out of his way to tell you not to buy him anything at all. Some Sag men are uncomfortable when receiving gifts, especially if it isn’t something he thinks he can put to immediate use. Make sure you avoid buying him anything that isn’t practical. Items that are not well made, that are big and bulky, or that could be considered part of a fad are also not going to appeal to your Sag man.

Instead, think about things that he uses on a daily basis. Does his luggage need replacing? Is there some outdoor gear he needs? If he hunts, consider replenishing his stock of bullets or arrows. Climbers always need new carabiners and may appreciate gift certificates to stores where they can obtain high-quality rope. Custom-made gifts are also an option, as they speak to his vanity while also filling a need. You could also give him an experience. Gift certificates for things like paintballing, skydiving, or visiting an archery range are all excellent ideas.

Getting to know the Sagittarius man in your life means learning more about adventure, the outdoors, and minimalism. It also sets you up for a lifetime of fantastic stories and amazing experiences.

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