12 Signs a Sagittarius Man Has a Crush on You

So, are you crushing hard or have fallen in love with a Sagittarius man and desire to know if the feeling is mutual? The Sagittarius man can be a ball of confusion to figure out because he tends to love his freedom and have a fun, flirty nature. It can be challenging to tell if he has the same feelings and how he feels about you. When your crush does start developing those feelings, you should have these 12 signs in the back of your mind to assess them.

Clear Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You

 If you desire to feel a connection with a Sagittarius man, you need the following information because it can help you determine if your man has feelings for you or develops them over time with friendship. These signs can help you see progress in the relationship.



  1. He tells you that you’re smart.


Sagittarius men are usually turned on by people with intelligence. He’s likely to ask you about your philosophies concerning science, politics, literature, and more. The goal here is to ensure that you know what you’re talking about and have developed personal ideas about these topics. Therefore, if a Sagittarius man likes you, he’ll tell you that you’re smart.


  1. He makes you laugh (all the time).


Sagittarius men show that they’re crushing or like you by trying to make you laugh. They have a great sense of humor and make light of serious situations to provide comedic relief. If your crush likes you (and they’re a Sagittarius), they’re likely going to be playful and joyful when you’re around. Of course, this also means he is likely to take a different approach to dating.


  1. He wants to travel with you (near and far).


This zodiac sign is most commonly associated with broad perspectives, world travel, and long trips. A clear-cut sign that a Sagittarius man likes/loves you is if he invites you on a traveling trip with him. While some people believe it’s only for long-term trips or trips abroad, keep in mind that your man may not have the money for such lavish trips; even a trip to a different state tells you that he wants to travel and be with you while doing it.


  1. He’s extremely honest and blunt.


Sagittarius men are usually upfront and blunt when interacting or talking to others. One sign that this type of man likes you is if he is honest; he doesn’t hide his true personality and lets you see into him fully.


The forthright approach can also lead to more romance. It might not be as much as you want, but he is likely to profess interest, tell everyone that he’s seeing someone (you), and does what he can to impress you and give you the attention you deserve.


  1. He’s more casual and relaxed when around you.


When a Sagittarius man falls in love, they’re more relaxed and casual. They’re boisterous and passionate with the woman they love. The challenge here is that they develop more slowly, which means commitment comes hard for them, and they must create the bond of romance at their personal pace.


Sagittarius men feel like they can’t let down their guard, so when they do, it usually looks offhand, and many women don’t notice it at first. These men have their own relationship rules, so traditional dating isn’t likely to be on their mind.


  1. He wants to try new food dishes with you.


Sagittarius men love adventure, which often includes new foods. He may want to try bizarre things, enroll in eating challenges, and try local dishes while traveling. If he takes you with him on his eating adventure, it’s a sure sign that he likes you.


  1. He invites you on fun activities/adventures.


Most Sagittarius men like to have adventures, enjoy sports, and being outdoors. They have a lot of physical energy, so they tend to stay active. They may enjoy running, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, martial arts, and other things that require leg power. All zodiac signs are associated with one body part, and a Sagittarius focuses on the legs and thighs. Many times, Sagittarius men get restless leg syndrome when they don’t move around enough. Therefore, if they ask you to participate in their active lifestyle, it’s a sure sign that they’re into you.


  1. He shares his love of books with you.


Sagittarius men usually have a variety of books. He likes to be well-versed with his reading material, which is likely to include history, politics, and other social sciences. Books are considered a prized possession to him, so if he lets you borrow one or hands you one and asks you to read it, it’s a good indication he’s interested.


  1. He connects with you in online social settings.


While Sagittarius men are traditional for the most part, they are also involved with technology. He may like to stay on top of new technology and trends. The internet gives him the freedom he desires while allowing him constant connection when he wants.


One sign that he likes you is if he messages you online. He might text links of videos or articles, want you to watch videos from his phone, and might even have reached out to you initially online.


  1. He makes time for you.


Sagittarius men can be flaky sometimes. He’s available one week and then seems to be distant or unresponsive the next. These men tend to struggle to stay in touch with family and friends because they’re always off on adventures or exploring their own parameters. Therefore, a Sagittarius man’s time is a sure sign that he likes you and wants to spend as much time with you as possible.


  1. He asks you to go dancing with him.


Again, Sagittarius men enjoy being active and using their legs. Dancing allows for that, but it also helps him focus on the Sagittarius fire element for more heat and passion and romantic adventure. This zodiac sign is highly theatrical, impulsive, and active.


He’s likely to have favorite spots for dancing and know a variety of dance styles. If he asks you out to dance, it’s a sure sign he likes you.


  1. He shares his spiritual beliefs.


Sagittarius men want to get answers to the deep questions of life. He’s interested in reality and spirituality. Though not primarily religious, he’s open to the possibility that there is more than the five senses. If he’s into you, he’s going to share his beliefs with you and wants to know your belief system to create a spiritual bond.


In Conclusion


Sagittarius men are a lot of fun to be around, but they’re spontaneous and a little confusing, which makes it hard for women to determine if they’re building and moving toward a serious relationship. Are you currently crushing on a Sagittarius man? Has he done any of these things to show that he likes you back?

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